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EIGA Winter Seminar 2019

EIGA Winter Seminar 2019 will be held in Brussels on 30th and 31st January 2019.

The topic of the Seminar will be Medical Gases - A deep breath

Detailed programme is now available here

Why Medical Gases?

EIGA Members have been supplying medical gases for over 100 years. EIGA has always focussed on the quality and efficacy of medical gas products and services to enhance patient safety, as well as the development of good practices and standards to protect our workers and users in the supply and handling of medical gases and homecare services.

EIGA also provides regulatory agencies and healthcare providers with advice on the safe manufacture, supply, handling and administration of medical gases. In recent years regulations and standards have developed into a complex landscape for EIGA members to navigate.

This Seminar is intended to continue that sharing of good practices and initiatives; to provide an overview of regulations and how they impact the production and supply of gases; and will look at what the future holds for patient safety and for medical gases in the healthcare industry.

Who should attend?

Personnel working in healthcare functions in our industry, including operations, engineering, supply chain, quality and regulatory functions. Those recently recruited to the industry and those with more experience.

Senior managers from our industry including general management, technical, supply chain, sales and marketing functions.

Regulatory and government officers.  Representatives of industry and patient associations, equipment manufacturers and suppliers, hospitals, notified bodies, customers and business partners.


Registration is now open.